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Don´t mistake us for a startup

The Team
Ceo, Jacob Roos M.Sc. Åbo Akademi

Jacob has held leading positions in Mediacompanies with focus on growth and profitability. Jacob is also a partner in the company AAB AB and Krookmedia Ab. Jacob has worked with televison, newmedia and digital marketing for 17 years.


Chairman,,Marcus Granberg M.Sc Handelshögskolan i Helsingfors

Marcus is the founder of the Brand and the composer of all music. Marcus has worked as an proffessional musician in the nordic region and been avarded numerous prestigiois avards i.g Kulturfondens framtidspris, Hugo Bergroths Språksporre. Marcus is a partner in AAB AB and the ovner of Marcurius Holding Ltd

ADVISORS  (Tähän pitää saada lisää matskuu)

Marko Martikainen

Kristoffer Rosberg

Kai Hahl M.Sc. CEO Promaco Russia Ltd


The Problem

There are very little good entertainment for pre-school children on the market

The are almost no music for pre-school children on the market

The quality of the existing products are not up to date nor of high quality


The Music

Arnie Alligator and the Jungeldrum is a childrens music act established 2003. The group has numerous awards for highstandard music and a coreographed stagepresens.The first album was nominated for the Swedish Grammis in Stockholm.

The band was initially signed for Universal Music but has later established an own record label with all IPR rights signed to Arne Alligator Brands Ab. The singer songwriter Marcus Granberg has also been recognized with the Hugo Bergroths language award and Kulturfondens future award. These are recognizions that has only once has been given to a childrens act.

The music has been translated to Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

The group has released 7 albums a DVD a Book and a Songbook

The first franchise band was established in Russia 2017 with the lead singer Nikita Barinov. First consert played in St Petersburg in May 2017.

The four pilars of influence

—• Music i.e. the concrete appearence, conserts

—• Digital i.e. video, musical video, movie

—• Merchendising ie.the products

—• Lisensing i.e using the brand as a tool for promotion


The Brand

——• The Brand is a proven success on all markets so far with over 2 milj. views on Youtube. The group has performed over 1100 conserts.

——• The brand was launched 2009 with the focus on international markets, toys clothes booka etc.

——• The character is active on 3 different markets

• Scandinavia, Angloamerican, Russian -market

——• The music is the driveforce

——• The scale of the character is the key to the monetation

——• The more the character is recognized the more money



We aim at an international entertainment market for preschool children with high quality products (age 3-7).

We will be leading in the pre-school music sector for children within 2 years.

We will be a household animation brand for children within 3 years.

We will have a full size merchendising portfolio within 3 years

—       • Toys, clothes, games, fmc

We will have a lisensing portfolio within 3 years

—       • More than 10 partners

We will launch a TV series within 4 years

We will launch full movie within 5 years



———• The global market is 100 000 000 children

———• 500 milj. pre-school children have access to digital devices

———• The current target markets are devided to Europe, East and Asia

———• The influence of children are the key factors of success

———• The quality of content will be the future in entertainment

———• The scale of the business will be the in income of the IPR business


The Plan
We will keep the plan as a story, storys sell and the storys are delivered By IPR

—• —Strenghten the brand with music

————       • Music is a marketing tool but will generate income on channels through ads

———• —Make  music videos for recognition

———• —Make animations for access to different markets

———• —Merchendising and lisensing for revenue

———• —Make a movie to establish the influence on global markets


What we need

———• —Money to execute a marketing oriented growth plan

———• —52 videos -> 225.000 €

———• —Marketing on 3 markets Europe Russia Asia -> 450.000

———• —26 episodes animation 300.000 €

———• —Marketing 100.000 €

———• —Consert tour in scandinavia 100.000 €
———• ——Consert tour in Russia 200.000 €
———• ——Movie budget to be discussed


What we have

———• ——Music / the band

———• ——Character

———• ——Music videos

———• ——Digital channels

———• —Plan


Case Kuoma


———Kuomiokoski Oy is a Finnish wintershoe manufacturer.
Kuoma is one of the oldest shoe manufacuters in Finland est 1928.
Kuomiokoski Oy sells and markets Kuoma childrens shoes
internationally with focus on Scandinavia and Russia as a primary


The commercial was aired in Finland 2016. The co-operation
will continue. The commercial will be aired in Scandinavia and Russia
winter 2017.


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